"Artists are very receptive to what they see, more so than what other people see", (or so a teacher once told me), and I believe it. Whether it be a real subject or a new imagined concept....the artist's objective should be to provide new interpretations of the natural beauty around us and unexplained ideas. My emotional response to a subject or inspired idea, is my first consideration. I approach each creation with an open attitude, exerting my emotions and pre-planned concepts as both ally and adversary to the process. Very often surprising connections and coincidences emerge during the process, sometimes called serendipities. If taken advantage of, these can often add a surprising spirit to the work. I like to leave something to the viewers imagination. Since each viewer sees art differently, I feel the viewers interpretation adds another level to the creative process. When my artistic statements stimulate a response from the viewer (whether it be good or bad), then I feel my work is complete.

Stratospheric Calm oil 37x29



Mesospheric Mystery oil 29x37"