Cheryl McCLURE

PAINT….and the painting surface quality, is what it's all about for me. As a non-objective painter, the design of the work and the process of evaluating relationships are foremost in my mind. I'm always thinking about the relationships between the warm and the cool; the textured or busy and the smooth or restful; or the organic versus the geometric. Organic shapes seem to dominate my work so I think a lot about organizing those shapes. This appears to be a totally intuitive process although I've studied all the basics enough to just let go and do what I feel is right and then evaluate the results and make adjustments as needed.

The painting process usually begins with a fairly large surface so I can use my whole body and arm to make marks with charcoal and/or acrylic paint. Then I think about whether or not I want a vertical or horizontal format (which may change as I go along). I usually decide the color temperature and key of the painting before beginning. The rest I just let evolve. This is the fun part.

Of course, there are frustrating times when things just don't work out but all the effort becomes worthwhile when the process just flows and later you wonder "how did I do that?" It also seems those paintings always seem to be the most rewarding in the long run.

"Little Pieces of Land IV" 30x40




"Wondrous Place I and II" (diptych) 30x64