The 4 keys of my painting: feminism, expressionism, colourism, body language. My work is essentially constituted by the mastery of chaotic movements and by making the most with of materials and colours. There is no characterisation, no limits; colours are here to create harmonies to cause agreements or on the contrary to provoke clashes. On the last paintings, the collages are thicker and thicker. The paper is excessively crumpled in order to permit the apparition of coloured groaning. The last colours, which have been introduced on the palette, are the browns, purple and violets. Scrumbles and glazes are mixed. The human being is declined under the form of portraits and nudes treated with a spacious and quick movement, brightly coloured, the colour is often primary or mixed upon the canvas. Beyond the nude, the human is discovered it is its soul, which is represented in all its complexity. The human being is searching his identity and appears all the time double. Last theme: the corrida (bullfight). The movements are respected but the pictorial exploitation is constituted by a different use of the symbolic colours; sand becomes blood, the animal is wearing a shining costume, and the muleta becomes dark and the torero becomes ghostly. Ambivalence is omnipresent: the right and the wrong, the beautiful and the ugly, femininity and masculinity, exist in it, through it, struggle in it. Frontiers are fragile, it is the essential of my subject. About the choice, or about the doubt upon what is or what man is, only our eyes can be confronted with our own look, with our own emotions and with are own convictions. Clues are in the title or upon the canvas, the message wants to be explicit, the strong line too, the freedom of expression is affirmed and defended. I have chosen. Your comprehension doesn't need explanation, the motivations of the human nature let the freedom of choice entire and intact. You choose. When approaching my painting, your choice is also the essential.

Arene : le taureau noir - 400 x 40 cm



Quel est le nom des fleurs ? - 81 x 100 cm