Trevor Merrell

Most of my work is based on photographic images, mainly taken of my friends. In this respect the work is referencing traditional picture portraiture. The relationship between the realism of photography, mixed with computer digital manipulation, that is completely unreal, can produce the surreal. Photographic images are spontaneously captured and juxtaposed with contrived digitally made choices and decisions. Reconstructing photography with digital effects is the first process of my work. The second is transferring the images onto a variety of textured surfaces, including wood, textured plastic, metal and sandpaper, which visually react, with the digitised image. Classical art of the ancient world, Greek and Roman, the psychedelic art of the 1960's and Andy Warhol have all been sources of influence to me. I like to invoke a sense of atmosphere into my work, and create the element of an anachronism. My work being in the main two dimensional, and referencing the traditional format of a fine art painting (Stretcher/Frame). The artwork would suit locations such as Art Galleries, Home or Office, a foyer (Hotel, Cinema, corporate building).