- ADDICTED TO ART - I create ART in order to clear the STUFF out of my head. That is a continuing process and I can easily say I am obsessed with my ART. Or addicted to it. This all started coming out in 1990 in an effort to save my soul, find my "lost child", find peace... It was like uncorking years of stuffed in, sat on STUFF. And once I opened it up, it just kept coming. I notice that I was an artist after a while, but was more intent on HEALING myself thru my EXPRESSIVE ART. Well now I am here to inspire you to let all your stuff out on paper or canvas. To NOT worry if it is "good" or "great", just to give yourself permission to DO IT, to get into the process of creating. See if it can set you free, like it did me.

"Nude on Beach"
"Double Vision" mixed media 15" x 20"
"Sexscape" 1998 mixed media 15" x 20"



"Grasping Eternity" 1993 - oil on canvas 36" x 48"