I was born on September 11, 1966. My mother is a school teacher of Ukrainian language, my father is a painter. My zodiacal sign is virgo, sign of the year is the Fiary Hoarse. My childhood was difficult, because my parents divorced when I was three years old, and my mother brought me up alone. My mother's parents died during world war two, my father did not gave any money for my repbringing and we had to live with the small wages of my mother. My mother is a cheerfull and a strong person, so she taughs me to be strong and to acheive my goals, and she also taughs me to enjoy life as she did. In 1987, I entered the institute of painting, at that time, ideas of communism were very strong, and be a good artist meant to paint portraits of Lenine, to drawn communist slogans, and to create canvas about happy labour of communist workers and communist farmers. I did not that, I did not show my pictures to anyone, I did not take part in exhibitions. I could have been excluded of the institute because of this behaviour. I always tried to express feelings of world wich is around me, and they were around me communistic slogans and lies. I sold works in private collections in France, Germany, Israel, Switherland and United States (in addition to ex-ussr). I recently had two private exhibitions in Paris (France). Now I live and work in Ukraine, in Kharkov, I work as stylist for a living, I do make-up. This is still my main source of income, because I do not want to draw decorative pictures that people will buy. I want to draw honest pictures, and I want to express myself in my pictures, I want to express my outlook of life and world.

Chess game. 1998. oil on canvas 80 x 59 cm.
World as a Nut. 1.999.oil on canvas, 46 x55 cm.




Alone thinker, with hat. (my husband) 1995. 60 x 60 cm.