H. Avni Íztopšu

In my pictures, the contrast of colour, species and fullness becomes stronger when the contrast in respect-emerges. The cotrast in respect of horizantal and vertical contrasts. Even if there is an opposite of each direction, it is not made balanced in my pictures. It is often required to have one direction (respect) more obvious than the others. Horizantals and verticals do not exist only in respect, but they also have taken the leading parts.

In placing arrangement, when the cotrast happen to cling to the sides, one gets the impression that the picture is made within the size of the frome, instead the picture being an outsider in its frame.

Some of my outstanding picture among the others I have made at the end of my work fixing the respect and the field of my Artistic activities are explained by their own names is in a proportioned style.

We know that any process or a part of a construction or arrangement can not be fixed beforehand. Up to now, I have tried to write down my artistic approach in words (orally). This trial explanation and all the constructive and arrangement work can only be a messenger of new journeys.

"Gezici" - 2001 - 86x150cm
"Aralik" - 2000 - 97x120cm