I'm an illustrator and a cartoonist and I'm very active in the international underground scene.I collaborate around the world with many zines and magazines of art and comics,like:Stripburger,Lavirint,You&Me,The Lummox Journal,The Cherotic Revolutionary,The Brown Bottle,Art Life,Mani Art,Pintalo De Verde,Crystal Drum,Chance,Untergrundblatte,Unwound,Moon Magazine,Lucid Moon,Evasion,Stampa Alternativa,Emozioni,BGA Comix,Innovation Studio,Kerosene,Lo Sciacallo Elettronico,Krimson Leer,Phony Lid Pubblications,The Benway Institute,Kastello,Cabezabajo,Que Suerte,Topaz,Sunburn,Fagorgo,Entmoot,Pssst zine,zzz zine,Stardust Memories,Helter Skelter,Germinal....and many other again.I've illustrated poems of:Mark Sonnenfeld,Gary Sneyd,Shannon Colebank,Lisa Massei,Vittorio Baccelli,Michael Kriesel,Gavin Burrows,Cristiano Quadalti.The last yar I was guest of the BREAK 21 Festival in Ljubljana-Slovenia.I'v pubblished for various publishers some my booklets of illustrations and of comics:''The Halved Nightmare'',''The Slavering Rat''(BGA Comix-Innovation Studio-Italy)-''Black Kisses and other Stories'',''The Book of Secrets''(La Cafetiere Editions-Belgium)-''Story'',''Il Bombarolo''(Progetto Siderurgiko-Italy)-''Jeanne Dark you got Balls'',''The Frogs Ballet''(self-produced).I love too Mail Art and I partecipate to all the mail art projects that I know.I collaborate too with many punk,industrial,metal bands.