My work is based around the use of colour and space within an architectural context, creating structures and hybrids of structures, dispersing, fusing, in order to create vast, endless areas of space and forms. My paintings have developed from linear, flat spaces, inspired by textiles and architectural drawings, creating layers upon layers of colours and textures. This led to a natural progression into three dimensional spaces, considering and increasing the sense of unending space with each new painting. My aim is to create spaces that have no system , trying to imply a tension between construction and deconstruction, never solid but something fluid, constantly evolving and everchanging. My influences range from contemporary architecture and theory , textiles, computer graphics, animation, graphic design, graffitti, to such artists as Francis Bacon, Alfred Mannessier, Mark Rothko, Bridget Riley, Anish Kapoor, Keith Vaughan, James Turrell, and Theresa Oulton.

"Special Forces" - medium: oils - size 5ft x 4ft



"Synchronize" - medium: oils - size 5ft x 4ft