David Martin ROSS

I am a resident of Melbourne , Australia and have been painting on and off for more than 25 years. I 've had no formal art education / training and began painting as a method of releasing a creative urge .My influences are quite obviously the Cubists…. Picasso, Braque, Gris. My strong belief in the analytical style and beauty that Cubism can represent has given me a desire to pursue this technique to the exclusion of all others. I firmly believe that there must be more to a Cubist painting than initially meets the eye….an inner calm and balance should be evident beyond the subject matter. Some of my works can sometimes linger un-finished for years as I wait for the picture to come together in my mind. It is not unusual for some pieces to be "modified" months after I believe that they are finished….other paintings can be finished in a week …it depends on many things. I am my own worst critic and will not release a picture to the world until I am sure that it is the way it should be. Therefore my output is low….but ,I believe , high on integrity. I have never exhibited my work publicly but have managed to sell through word of mouth and chance encounters….but now with a web page of my own I am opening myself up to the wider Art community…for better or worse. I'm fully prepared for the slings and arrows to commence …fire at will.

Houses after rain