Oleg Sheludyakov was born in Akademgorodok, a small scientific town in Siberia nearly Novosibirsk. The beginning of his course of life is pretty typical and banal for young peoples there: school, university (one of the most prestigious ones in Russia). And then... What has then made him to break with the specialty of historian to dedicate himself to the comprehension of the fine arts basis, and to go by the non-stable and sometimes dangerous way of an Artist. Not of an artists who makes money by stupid orders, with nice pictures and sweet landscapes, but of the Artists with a capital letter which tries to understand incognizable things. It is so difficult to evade from the temptation to make "beautiful" things that are liked to a potential buyer! Oleg Sheludyakov is a very sincere artist. One hardly will not see and not appreciate it, not depending if he liked his work or not. All his work is extremely individual, many-sided and full of personal character. The lines of the nudes on his paintings are full of energy and passion; the colors on his "Smokers" are aggressive and reflecting the hard interior world; the atmosphere of the landscapes is soft and melancholic. The artist is in constant research. He never stops for a long time at his successful achievements. Sheludyakov is aspiring to cognition of new horizons, new rhythmics, new materials, new color gamut. The artist doesn't accept an idea of creation of his own stylistic niche where he could stay quietly during all his life. The diapason of his research is not an hesitation of a young which is hoping to find himself, but this is the work of a master which express his personality in each direction. The working ability of Oleg Sheludyakov is impressive. I remember, ones he called me to tell that during the last week he had created more than 60 pieces of painting. Be honest, I was inclined lightly skeptically going to his small apartment transformed to a studio. But what I have seen there was deeply impressing for me. Each of these sixty paintings was individual and emotional, full of character and personality. At the same time this series could be interpreted as one piece of art consisting of many separated fragments of our being and of the world surrounding us. The sincerity of the Sheludyakov's paintings, his devotion to the arts, his talent and working ability give us a certainty that this is a big Artist which will leave some trace in the world of arts. Ivan KULAKOV




"White nude" (canvas,oil,100x80cm, 2002)





"The dream of the spy" (canvas,oil,80x70cm,2001)