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Cefalu' Historical monuments 

The Mandralisca Museum: This museum is in Via Mandralisca, next to the Duomo square, and offers the art collection of the baron Enrico Piraino di Mandralisca and a very nice library, containing about 6,000 volumes and including a lot of sixteenth-century texts, two incunabula, as well as history, literature, philosophy and nature books, and nineteenth-century newspapers.
There is a splendid numismatic collection with coins from Lipari and Cefalù. In the art gallery you find works of art from various periods. The most famous work is the “Portrait of an Unknown Man” by Antonello da Messina, one of the most famous painters of the European fifteenth century. - Opening hours (daily): Oct-Mar: 09:00-12:30/15.30-18:00, Apr-Sep: 09:00-12:30/15:30-19:00, Aug: 09:00-12:30/15:30-00:00.

The Cathedral of Cefalù: The cathedral was founded in 1131 at the behest of the Norman king Roger II, and it is a synthesis of several cultures. It was built by Norman architects and Arabic craftsmen, conditioned by Byzantine liturgical prescriptions. After a period of decline, it was renovated in 1267. The layout has remained substantially intact. Opening hours (daily): 08:00-12:00/15:30-18:00. ( P.zza Duomo )

The washing place/Il lavatoio: This charming place was used by women who wanted to wash until a few decades ago because of its cool running water. ( Via Vittorio Emanuele )

The Osterio Magno: This legendary residence of King Roger II, the Osterio Magno (restored and reopened as an exhibition centre) is a building showing extremely interesting structures. ( Via G.Amendola )

The Castle: On the top of the Rock there are ruins of a castle, that on the basis of archaeological data so far acquired, can be dated to the twelfth or thirteenth century, even though some sources document its existence in the Byzantine age. The building, which has a rectangular layout, and two towers, one to the north and one to the east, is further protected by a boundary wall which encompasses it.
It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Temple of Diana, and another 40 minutes to get to the top and the castle. To enter the top-area and to see the castle ruins you will have to pay an entrance fee of €3,50 (cheaper for children and groups). A path leads uphill from Corso Ruggero and Via dei Saraceni to the top of the promontory.

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