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The Madonies. This national park, which is well known for its natural, historical, and artistic contribution to the surrounding territory, is dotted with numerous religious structures, monasteries, hermitages and stone churches, and many of them are isolated aloft the mountain tops. Forgotten along the waterways are mills and old farms, often built on the more ancient remains of Roman buildings; they attest the ability of a culture able to live in perfect harmony with nature. In the area of the Madonies, one may also find the oldest of all Sicilian rocks, formed during the Triassic period. This is documented by the numerous fossils which have been recovered in the calcareous zones of the mountain chain. The tallest and most spectacular peaks of these chains are Pizzo Carbonara (1979 m), Monte San Salvatore (1912 m), Monte Ferro (1906 m), Monte Ouacella (1869 m), and Monte dei Cervi (1656 m).
If you are planning to visit the Madonies, we can strongly recommend the medieval town Castelbuono, where you can enjoy an amazing view and where you can find many nice restaurants and picturesque streets.

Etna and Taormina The biggest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, and to one of the most interesting and beautiful towns of Sicily: Taormina, with its intricate network of small winding streets and steps, is an enchanting and unforgettable town. Decorated with geraniums and bouganvilles, it offers splendid glimpses of the coast and Mount Etna. A visit to the magnificent Greek Theatre is not to be missed at any cost.

Palermo and the famous and beautiful Norman Cathedral of Monreale. In Palermo we suggest to visit Piazza Pretoria, the Church of the Martorana, some typical Sicilian street markets in the heart of the city ( the most famous is "La Vucciria"), teatro Massimo and the Convent of the Cappuccini where if you wish you can get down into the Catacombs.

Piazza Armerina the Roman Villa del Casale with its splendid mosaics.

Agrigento. Little town on the southern coast of Sicily where you can visit the archaeological area known as the Valley of the Temples, ancient site originally established by the Greeks around 600BC

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