GÝsli Sigur­sson was born 1930 on a farm near Geysir. He has been painting for 50 years and his painting has gone through various stages in this 50 years period. Inspired first by a magnificent landscape of mountains, glaciers and lava, he began painting landscapes. But shortly after 1950 the thrust of modernism was very common among artists, and GÝsli as well as a number of other painters in Iceland took up more or less abstract painting. Still under influence of Icelandic nature, the source of the abstract pictures was found in the landscape. After 1970 GÝsli turned away from abstractions and began painting in the figurative way again, now mainly people. This was a narrative period, the motives from old sagas and folklore. That developed by the years into more and more fantasy-painting and the source was mainly poetry. He even held one big exhibition at the Kjarvalssta­ir museum in 1982 where all the paintings derived from poetry. This period was extended to 1998, when the circle was closed and GÝsli Sigur­sson was again inspired by the landscape, mainly the landscape of high altitude and wilderness in Iceland, which has a very special beauty. He has been working on this theme since, sometimes in quite a figurative way, though always somewhat stylized. The motive can a panorama, but it can as well be something very small and close; something you see in this nature if you look down by your feet. And if you are not familiar with that kind of nature, some of the pictures might seem to be abstract.




Kerlingarfj÷ll. Bl÷ndu­ tŠkni, 120 x 70 cm, 1999.

The mountains Kerlingarfj÷ll. Mixed technic, 120 x 70 cm, 1999





Mi­nŠtursˇl. Bl÷ndu­ tŠkni, 60 x 70 cm, 1996.

Midnight sun. Mixed technic, 60 x 70 cm, 1996.