Marjolein Van der Sluis

Working as a secretary in The Hague, I always had the feeling the purpose of my life was unfulfilled. I gave up my career and apartment and left for the South of France. There I worked at the chateau of a painter near Narbonne, France. I was fascinated by the sacral atmosphere in the old villages and churches. Especially the church in Beziers. There I realised that religion would become a part of my life. It gave me great inner peace and a sense of direction I never felt before. Back in the Netherlands I studied painting at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

After I finished my study I left to travel throughout Europe. I lived and worked in Vienna, Paris and Hamburg. I want to share these incredible experiences with the world. Through my paintings I want to express that to believe in yourself, to believe that love is the highest power in life, it can make people do everything.

I want to show a part of my inner world. My fantasies and realities, fears and hopes. The paintings are a stage of real life drama always with hope and faith on the background. Literature is also a great source of inspiration. Books of e.g. Tolstoy, Louis Couperus, Gustave Flaubert bring me into worlds who appeal to me. Writers who paint with words. In France I read the books of e.g.. Ernest Hemmingway, Dunja Barnes, Arthur Rimbaud. They all left beautiful souvenirs. I want my work to be a reflecting mirror of my fascinations. Everything is memory. If the memories are beautiful, your life has been beautiful. The paintings, sketches and collages are all souvenirs, the collection is never ending, it takes a life time.

My paintings are mostly oil on canvas. I am very interested in classical painting techniques such as oil, tempera and fresco. Being in strange cities awakens a sense of nostalgia in me. In every city you visit there is so much history, religion, literature character and inspiration. It allows me to transit the beauty that is all over this world and show this to the audience as well. The collection 'Voyage d'une femme is a reflection of me in the cities I worked and lived. The Art Deco District of Miami Beach with the turquoise blue of the Atlantic Ocean inspired me to make the serie " Souvenir de Paris, strangely enough. Coming from Europe to America I linked two cultures together in this serie by combining the Art Deco Icon bottle of Chanel no. 5 (1920)and the art deco style of Miami I believe that kind of escalating transcultural migration will shape the cultural identity of our global village.









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