Ray Speight is a Sydney-based artist. His approach to painting favours a theme of disharmony; by employing disruptive elements in his work he often achieves an unusual balance. What shouldn't work does and that manipulation of the traditional approach produces some different, if not attractive works. Speight has never been afraid to take risks with his work and for that reason many of his paintings grate upon aesthetic inclinations. They are linked by a common thread of negative construction. His works convey a sense of nothingness, yet from this nothingness these paintings are produced. Born in England, Speight arrived in Australia in 1960. His early years were spent in the southern suburbs of Sydney where, if anything he got badly sunburnt as he lived close to the beach. Never to learn anything too quickly, Speight would love to be a beach-bum but cannot afford the bit of sand. The art scene being what it is, Speight found himself on the outside early and many years later it is still the case.

Blue Sunrise Acrylic and Enamel on board - 2000



Bridget (The View) Oil on board - 1996