Anne Stahl

My paintings are concerned with the visual portrayal of the essence of unique places and subjects. I seek to create vibrant pieces exuding beauty and intimacy, while revealing a secretive romantic tone. My general visual understanding and depiction of my subjects is in some way micro/macro-scopic. As an analytically minded person I get intensely drawn into my subject of research (series) and look at the details. This nearly scientific approach to my art has given my work a kind of subliminal signature. I intend to further explore this methodology by employing and condensing the analytical approach. I am interested in the controversy of whether art can embody and communicate knowledge.

I work in series. One series typically leads to another. At the earliest stages the theme itself often dictates decisions concerning composition, materials and format. I start out by preparing a large number of working surfaces, typically involving a minimal, organic underlying construction of wax and bold colour, over which numerous layers of paint allow the final image to evolve. As each piece takes shape, I make very definite and precise aesthetic and conceptual decisions, ensuring each painting develops into it's own right, while still remaining part of the series. The result is a body of work that consists of individual pieces, which also work collectively as a concurrent synchronous series. The use of raw pigment, wax, scrapers and other manual and tactile instruments and materials create texture, forming the template from which the landscape is abstracted and as a result validated in the context of late 20th /early 21st century culture. A delicate integration of colour and tone in the overall composition counterbalances the aggressive, spontaneous mark making. Although I have often integrated photographic and textile materials and processes into my paintings, my primary fidelity has been to painting itself as a medium, in all its bewildering variety.