A Moment of Movement

Art, in my meaning. is working with creative independent spiritual and by natural way. I has never expected the thing till job finished. That is also consciousness aware of present and feel relax. Moreover; I can find, all the completed work, the movement in placeful, the brightness in the dark and the harmony inconflict which are changing state and stable state in the same time. Whenever, the more I am trying to learn what it means, the worse I can understand. However, I has given up to understand the meaning neglected myself, then I can get it. Nevertheless, no word can be explained, the answer has been in my work.

Inner - Nature

I have created arts by; nothing in my mind, concentrative, not worry, no immaginary and not made any plan before working. While I, feel tranquil, am oneness with nature and present, the works seem to be the same as nature which we live together since we were born till we die. I'd like to tell that nature is the origin of everything. The world, human being, animals, substances; athough different, are one of the elements that not apart. So, any destruction is yourself of being destroyed.

To be understanding with art

Art is necessary part of intelectaul food for human being and fulfillment for life to create great things to each other. Art is free from prejudice, not only for the highclass but intend to everyone. To be understanding with art is not difficult, just release yourself, leave your mind tranquily even as you are facing at unfamiliar art. Whenever the works perform themself, you would absorbed it by your inner feeling. The access to art's like the understanding other people; unless always on your base, you would find out what thinking and activities of the others is.





"Spirit" 42x30 cm. drawing on board.







"Born from earth" 48x99 cm. acrylic on canvas