Departure from Soviet Union in 1972 has given the artist the freedom to paint not in obligatory style of so called "Social Realism", but in any style he chose to. It has been a powerful "push" for search and creativity. Through all his works you will find that his attitude toward color and light combines tradition of impressionism with various surrealistic situations. Working on illustrations for Kafka's novels he was looking for a symbolic image of a mystical town. He found it in Gaudi's "Sagrada Familia". Almost on each of the paintings you can see his "signature"- flying phantasmagoric tower, which has become for the artist a living entity, procreating itself, connecting The Past with The Future. Artist is fascinated with the theory of Black Holes and the origin of The World. It is reflected in many paintings in the form of Singularity, through which Time passes, connecting The Past with The Future. In his works artist blends seamlessly his fantasy with sometimes well known, sometimes created architectural details. His schooling was both - in architecture and paintings. His love for architecture can be seen through many of his works. There is peace and serenity in his latest works, which is kind of self protection against the cruelty, violence and the disturbance of today's life. In some of his latest works he is looking with a "modern eye" at the earlier times, interpreting the vision of the artists who lived centuries ago.

Sagrada Familia. Sunrise. Oil on canvas. 40"x 32" 1998.



Russian Silver in Venice. Venice Nights. Oil on canavas. 36"x 32". 1998.