I was born in 1951. I live in Budapest. In the past years I have participated in different national and international exhibition.Affiliation: Association of Hungarian Creative Artist

About my work: part from the catalogue of international exibition "Science reflected in the Arts"(Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest-1999. "...in the last decades the development of electronical communication and computer technology have caused a revolution in the way images are produced in Euro culture. Kovacs-egri takes full advantage of new technology in producing his works, while sticking faithfully to the aesthetic norms of traditional graphic art.Computer technology has multiplied the means of the artist, enabling him to realize his graphic concepts faster and more precisely than ever before, and bringin experiments in the world of forms and colors out of the restrictions of pencil or brush..."

"Landfall 1" - 70x100 cm - canvas, mix média

"Landfall 15" - 70x100 cm - canvas, mix média