Donald TROUT

"I believe there is a strong emotional connection between artist and subject. When I paint I experience many feelings: the lonely beauty and solitude of a peopleless landscape, quiet dignity of an aging Native American, mystery of rock art, wondrous light of a sunset, power of crashing waves, and the intrinsic beauty of a simple still life. I like to think that the painting reflects how I feel."

"For me, each painting is a new adventure. To me, the joy is in the process of painting and looking ahead to see where the trip will lead. If I feel strongly enough and the painting "works," that is my immediate reward. In the long term, I hope that the viewer feels that emotion and appreciates it as much as I do. Then I will know that I have been successful."

"OUT IN THE COLD" watercolor, acrylic, and collage


"Treaties Remembered" 24" x 19" watercolor, acrylic, and collage