Zlatko VASIC


A few years ago Zlatko Vasic came to think about the possibility to break up artistic rules at the same time as trying to stick to the professional views over art forms and techniques. The only way out was to enter surrealism and create an unimaginable combination between social realism and anarcho liberalism. The human body still represents an unexplored secret for the scientific world, making it an exciting challenge for Vasic. Entagled bodies, grotesque gestures and impossible positions, life´s filth seasoned with people´s abstract thoughts leading nowhere, the sterility of a right-thinking society which produces everyday robots, the unavoidable disappearance of our own individuality, a claustrophobic feeling despite open environment are only a bit of what Zlatko Vasic exploits in his art end fix on paper with the help of his pencil; things that people do not see, or do not want to see, or do not dare to see come up in his conscience. The most important is the story Vasics´art tells, our past, a psychologically unstable situation within us that influences and directs the way we think and eventually a metamorphosis of the soul which enables us to change into what we are - The Unreality of Reality. Vasics´art is not horror show, it is a sensible message, a methodical way to inspect artistic variety and examine the question of how far we may go in art and how long art will prevail. DIASPORA Magazine, Stockholm 1999

TITLE: "2000" - illustration - 100 x 70cm.- 1998
TITLE: "Dog Place" - illustration - 100 x 70cm.- 1998