Wolfgang in der Wiesche
1960 born in braunschweig, germany
1989 graduated with "diplom für bildende kunst" from hbk braunschweig, germany
1990 obtained "meisterschüler" degree with prof. peter voigt from hbk, began doing freelance work at "laboratorium für kunstexperimente" in braunschweig, germany
1992-99 lived in beijing, p.r. china and germany for six month periods, had exhibitions and performances both in germany and china, in 1994 became technical manager and sound engineer at the "beijing international jazzfestival", in 1996 at the "shanghai international jazz concert series", other international music festivals in china
 present freelance painter as well as composer of music for experimental film, theatre and performance art, radio show host since 1996 at the "norddeutscher rundfunk" (north german radio, ndr, hamburg) doing special programming on chinese rock and pop music

You will find that Wolfgang in der Wiesche's art has been greatly influenced by Western art from cubism to abstract expressionism. This does not conflict with his usage of collage method to combine symbols belonging to different cultural traditions to express his concept of pluralist variation. In der Wiesche tends to treat mutually unrelated elements in a poetic manner, which brings the viewer to a realm of freshness, clarity and mobility. 

In der Wiesche's paintings defy clear-cut definitions. 

(Zhang Lin, Hanmo Art Center, Beijing, PR China, 1995) 

wolfgang in der wiesche:  log,  acrylics on canvas,  142 x 115 cm,  6/00
log,  acrylics on canvas,  142 x 115 cm,  6/00
wolfgang in der wiesche:  han.dy,  acrylics on canvas, 50 x  85 cm,  4/98
han.dy,  acrylics on canvas, 50 x  85 cm,  4/98
digital painting 
  wolfgang in der wiesche,  ay-1,  digital painting,  2000
©ww,  ay-1,  tiff-image,  2000
  wolfgang in der wiesche,  ngy-1,  ditigal painting,  2000
©ww,  ngy-1,  tiff image,  2000
wolfgang in der wiesche,  cd,  music for films,  1997
cd,  music for films,  xtended line,  1997
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