Rufus Jon WILSON

My central aim is to engage the viewer with their unconscious by presenting them with an image or object that speaks the language of dream.

My paintings seem to intrigue the mind by presenting it with something paradoxical that is akin to a riddle, a puzzle or some kind of alchemical language. We naturally seek to make sense of it but when this is not possible in the conscious mind it is left up to the unconscious to draw links between the opposing elements of the picture.

This draws attention to dream and the unconscious which is so under-valued in contemporary society but which has a healing quality. In the words of C.G.Jung;

³If attention is directed to the unconscious, the unconscious will yield up its contents, and these in turn will fructify the conscious like a fountain of living water. For consciousness is just as arid as the unconscious if the two halves of our psychic life are seperated.²[1]

³...any connection with the cut off part of the psyche is therapeutically effective.²[2]

[1]C.G. Jung, OThe Collected Works of C.G.Jung¹, Princeton University Press,1953-59.Vol. XIV. p. 163. [2] Op. Cit., C.G.Jung. Vol. XIII, p. 346.

ODr. Engleberts Moongazing Had Rendered Him Invisible¹ OIL ON CANVAS, 91 x 66.5 CM. 2000
OHave You Seen The Eyes Of The Octopus¹ OIL ON CANVAS, 76.5 X 60.5 CM. 2000