Mitch is living and working in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and is the artist and manager of Kozmic Horizons online art gallery. Surreal and Fantasy had long been a passion for Mitch when, in 1998, he discovered a whole new artistic direction, floral landscapes and abstract designs. His love of the sublime could now be combined with his new style.In unique and interesting ways he has combined the new styles without having to abandon his surrealistic thinking. His willingness to learn and employ new techniques has led to a unique and engaging freshness that was absent in his earlier pieces of work.Mitch's use of dynamic colours exemplifies symbolic values that affect people in various ways; some of detachment, and some of gentleness and feeling, finding the right combinations are always paramount and present in most of his work. The art of Mitch Zorich has enjoyed periods of neglect and bursts of great popularity, and have graced the walls of working class homes to the hustle and bustle of Wall Street Brokerage firms. Mitch relates that his main influences are the surreal landscapes of Salvador Dali, and the dreamscapes of Rodney Matthews and Aubrey Beardsley.