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Hackney wick market

Until fifteen years ago it was a greyhound stadium, then it became Hackney Wick Market. Every Sunday this muddy ground surrounded by the decadent structure of the former stadium, transform itself into a busy fair where, instead of a bet, people make very good bargains. Hackney Wick is located in East London, where most of the new immigrants have established themselves in the last decade or so. Still not part of the urban network these people live on the margin of British society, sometimes without a work permit. So the market becomes the only chance for them to earn a living, or to buy cheap goods. Kosovans, russians, turkish, indians, are selling alongside traditional east-london traders which just adds another hint of culture in the panorama of the Hackney Wick Fair. Clothes beside food, household goods together with sofas and tables, screws and CDs, plants and computers, old stuffand new inventions, everyone is open for a deal from six o'clock in the morning untill the sun goes down. The unusual and rather abstract location of Hackney Wick deprives the market of the distinguishing marks of London, so it becomes a world on its own with its diversities of language, cultures, and values.

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